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How to Make a Secure Investment in Bali

Date: Tuesday May, 19 2009 10:09

Bali is known as one of the most favorite tourism destination in the world. This situation has made Bali as a potential place for investment. Many investors invest their money in tourism sector, in form of hotel, restaurant, or other tourism services. Not only locals, many foreign investors also invest their money in Bali. It inflicts many consequences as more than one national law applied.

To make a secure investment in Bali, there are several things to be considered:

1. What form of investment you would like to invest:

When you decide to invest your money in Bali, there are several choices to be considered. Most Investors are investing their money in tourism sector. There is only one paradigm in investment: high risk high return, low risk low return. Therefore you should suit your ability in dealing with the risk on the form of investment. But as a suggestion, invest in property can be very profitable. Research shows that property price in Bali raises 25%-30% every year.

2. Adequate legal information regarding the investment.

Investment inflicts legal consequences, therefore adequate legal information regarding the investment is needed to prevent dispute that may incur in the future.  If you choose to invest in property for example, you have to know about the legal status of the land, if it is right to use or free hold and what are the consequences.

3. Choose the right business partner.

Especially for foreign investor, having a local partner would give you an overview regarding local situation which might be very different to your own way of thinking. But choosing business partner should be done prudentially. Wrong partner even can lead you into a complicated dispute. Therefore you have to choose a reliable and trustworthy partner. A partner who can assist you to deal with locals for the benefit of your business.

4. Choose the right and reliable legal consultant.

Since investment inflicts many legal consequences, having a right and reliable legal consultant would be very beneficial to assist you in dealing with legal matter regarding your investment. Right and reliable legal assistance will help you to deal with the regulation, to make secure your investment. Many cases show that the lacking of legal assistance regarding investment harms the investment itself. Legal consultant would also help you to draft agreement between you and your partner, to make sure that everything runs on the right track. But you have to be careful in choosing a legal consultant, because not all of legal consultant has the license to give legal assistance. Wrong choice might lead into difficulties if ethical breach incur.


If you want to invest your money in Bali, our experienced legal consultants will be able to assist you ensuring that you have a secure investment.[Des]


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