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Amandment of Bali Zone And Area Arrangement Plan

Date: Tuesday May, 19 2009 15:26

As the result of the development of tourism, exploitation toward Bali’s environment seems to be alarming. World is changing and so does the society’s way of life. It gives effect to Bali’s ecology. Therefore, amendment toward Bali Zone and Area Arrangement Plan (RTRW) Bali comes as one the big issue in the beginning of the year. RTRW Bali regulates the land and area’s purpose, whether it is allowed to build a building or not, the requirements, etc.

 To suit RTRW Bali with Law No. 26/2007, the Government of Bali Province is amending the regulation. It is expected that the amendment will be finished before the end of the year. The amendment raises a lot of pro and contras. Some are agreeing to it, some others are not. RTRW Bali is very important to be put as the consideration for investors or investors to be, who wants to invest their money in Bali. Inappropriate building or investment breaching the regulation will effect on the clearance of the building. Therefore, the amendment of RTRW Bali comes as a big issue since it has to accommodate the need of Bali and so does the investment.  

We do hope that the amendment will be made for the benefit of the society, which later creates balances between economic, social and environmental purpose. And for the investors, adequate knowledge about RTRW Bali is highly advisable to protect your investment from future dispute.  


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