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Directorat General of Custom Office Exposed the Counterfeiting of Cigarette Revenue Stamps Worth 560 Billions Rupiahs

Date: Wednesday May, 20 2009 11:35

Jakarta- Directorat General of Custom Office successfully exposed the site where counterfeit cigarette revenue stamps were made. The site posses by a syndicate who had been operated for seven years. It inflicted 560 Billions Rupiahs loss upon the country.


“It can be recognized as counterfeit cigarette revenue stamps through hologram scanner”, said Director General of Custom Office, Anwar Suprijadi on Monday, May 17th 2009. While only Perum Peruri( Government Printing Office) that may posses the scanner. The crime ran smoothly since the perpetrators also counterfeited buyer’s invoice.


The printing office was exposed on Sunday after two months of espionage. Two perpetrators were arrested while drove black Volvo contained 5 rims counterfeit cigarette revenue stamps. The officers also found an offset printing machine, Heidelberg Brand, a hologram patch machine and a paper cutting machine in the printing office.


Beside in Jakarta, the officers also exposed the counterfeiting of cigarette revenue stamps in Surabaya. It is predicted that it is related to counterfeited cigarette revenue stamps in Jakarta.

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