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Bali Art furniture

Date: Monday December, 18 2006 15:22

                        Bali Art Furniture is an exporter all Bali - Indonesia products as Bali furniture made from Teak woods and ceramics from natural stone has made with based of modern and contemporer art with updating of art bali mode. For making the product, we have labours about 200 people who professionalism in their skill self, therefore the product has made is high quality and mutual each other. For the best mutual with customers, we always guarantee goods of the orders has through into your place with high safety. We have individual packing company, it's the professionalism of or company who will not depend with another party.
                    Our product has made by high quality of Teak woods from Middle of Java,this is the number 1 Teak wood quality in Indonesia. Please carefully if you put the choice for Teak woods in Indonesia. There are many area or place has Teak wood but is not like wood from Middle of Java. Thus also with the ceramics, our ceramics made with high quality natural stone from Flores, Sumba, Timor and West Java who popular with natural stone from. The products of us has been sell more than 50 country including Israel, Rusia and Balkan states. Our Motto is " Your Satisfied is Our Satisfied, Your Satisfy is Our Pleasure".
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