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About Us

Robert Khuana & Partners Law Office was established in 1987.At the beginning it was named BERTHIEN ASSOCIATES which was set up jointly with Mr. THIMOTEUS JEMUIN and ENDANG SUARNI. Then in 1988, Mr. AGUS SAPUTRA joined the associates until 1997.

In 1997, the Law Office changed its name into Robert Khuana & Partners Law Office. With more than 20 years experience of providing legal services, both in litigation and non litigation we will give legal assistant as needed in the most efficient time. Supported by experience partners, skilful and highly mobile staffs, we based our service on hard working and honesty to gain trust.

Our office is located at Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 206 C Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia.

To contact us, please send your email to:

Phone: (0361) 240810

Robert Khuana :

Managing Partner,

After finished his legal study in Udayana University in 1987, he joined the Law Office and in the beginning of 1988, he obtained license as Legal Practitioner for Bali Province area. Regarding the Decision of Mister of Justice 1994, he obtained Advocate License to practice in all over Indonesia.

As an experienced Advocate, ROBERT KHUANA was the secretary of Indonesian Advocate Association since 1990-1995, and from 1995 to 1999 he was the Vice Chairman and as Chairman of the Association since 1999 up to present. Since 2008-present, Robert Khuana is the Chairman of DPC PERADI Denpasar (Indonesia Advocate Association Branch Denpasar)


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